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Blogging about the same book that others seems to be getting tiring and tedious for me, so i’ve decided to do another post on something completely unrelated.  Personally, it’s easier for me to inject more of my own opinion into the post when I do it on a topic that is seldom, if ever, done.

Seems almost rude to separate people out into groups, but I find myself doing it all the time.

Last year, we did a project on picking one person who we had to describe.  I really liked that project and would like to again try my hand at it again, just with more people.  The target setting will be a children’s activity center, so don’t expect to see goth teenagers described in this post.  😉

Below are the common types of people I see:

Parent’s Lounge Campers – The parents sit in the parents lounge while the children play.  These types of parents usually dose in the comfortable chairs or are hard at work.  They send their children down to the snack bar with money to bring up trays of food and drink.  I try not to look down on them, but I have the prejudice because my parents were very active in my childhood.   It seems like they never want to leave when the activity center closes.

Restaurant Campers – The parents that sit in the restaurant.  More active than the PL Campers, there is usually more than one parent here.  The restaurant is a popular place for groups to sit as it provides tons of seating and is close to the food and bathrooms.

Waysiders – The parents that sit on the benches to the wayside of the play structure.  More involved than both breeds of campers, these parents might go into the play structure to interact with their child.  These are my favorite types of customers.  Because they are sitting on the sidelines, they have tons of time to read the rules and will tell their children if they are doing something wrong.

Active Participants – The parents that go into the play structure after their child.  These parents are the most enthusiastic.  I see them most on weekends.  I think it’s really cool how some parents choose to unwind after work by climbing around like a monkey.

I’ve always been told that grouping people together is a bad thing, because they are all individuals.  No matter how hard I try, my mind just still seems to see the groupings.  It could be my organizational mind at work.  Does anyone else’s mind do the same thing?


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